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    by Heather Smith

    According to a recent study only 38% of women feel comfortable negotiating salaries, compared to 56% of men.

    Women in the work place are losing between $1.0 and $1.5 millions over the course of their lives by not negotiating

    The main reason women do not negotiate is because they do not know how to.

    Another reason when are not negotiating is because when they do negotiate, they are giving in too soon when they meet some resistance.

    The same study found that 87% of men who negotiated for higher pay were successful. The number for women was much lower.

    Take a look at this numbers:

    If Jane starts a job at $42,000.00 per year, with a guarantee raise of 1% every year, and Lucy starts the same job at $50,000.00 per year, with a guarantee raise of 4% every year, by the time they retire, Lucy, who started at a higher base salary, will have earned over a $1.00 million more than Jane.

    So, the incentive for learning the art of negotiation are high. These are some suggestions

    1-Be enthusiastic. Your negotiation is not a complain about how little you get pay, but an affirmation of your value to the company.

    2-Know your value:

    Research before you go in to negotiate how much others in your field are getting paid.

    3-Once you know your value, increase it by 10 to 20 percent, and be ready to compromise, at a competitive number.

    4-One helpful trick: use and specific amount, ask for $47,650.00, instead of asking for $48,000.00.

    5-Plan out what you are going to say, but be ready to be flexible if you have to, not forgetting to discuss your talking points.

    6- It is best to negotiate before you start your new position. If you already started then wait for your year anniversary, or wait till you have taken on more responsibility

    These are just some suggestions, for a more in depth look below at some resources.

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