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    Are You Being Cheated On?

    20 Brave Republicans Voted Vs. AHCA

    Will this hurt or benefit them in 2018?

    by Heather Smith
    Political Writer

    The American Health Care Act bill passed the House of Representatives with a count of 217 to 213.

    All Democrats in the House voted against the bill. This was expected.

    But 20 Republicans voted against it.

    Are they brave? Are they standing up to Donald Trump? Or are they planning for a rainy day?

    Find out who they are and what they had to say:

    Congressman Andy Briggs from Arizona 5th District said he wants nothing less than a full repeal.

    Representatives Mike Coffman explained his 'No' vote along different lines. He is concerned some of the patients with preexisting conditions will not be covered under the bill sent to the Senate.

    Yet, Representatives Thomas Massice has different concerns. He did not get a chance to find out what was really in the bill, as it was introduced only a few hours before going to vote on the House floor.

    There is a high likelihood, that most representatives did not read the bill.

    And on top of that the Congressional Budget Office had no time to provide congress with a preliminary estimate of the full cost of the bill.

    216 Republicans are celebrating. And many Democrats are crying crocodile tears.

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    Pual Ryan might just have handed the House back to the Democrats.

    One thing is certain. No one really knows. Polls are not quite right. Either the people being polled are saying one thing when asked by the pollsters and voting differently in the booth, or the sample population is not representative of the voting population.

    So everything that pundits say and the information we get from polls should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Polls are a mathematical endeavor. But there is a little bit of art in it. And they are not getting the art right.

    Political advisers for Democrats are salivating. To turn the tide their way, they are anticipating a few things to happen:

    1-They are expecting the CBO review to say:

    That is just item 1. Let's move on to item 2.

    2-The Senate will make so many chances to this bill, and when it goes back to the House, it will not pass.

    3-Finally, the bill will die. If this bill does not pass, this could me the proverbial nail in the coffin for the Republican in 2018.

    Now, allow me to look into my unwashed crystal ball. So, I am probably wrong. But, here it is:

    In 2018 the House goes to the Democrats. Donald Trump will not get anything done. He won't pass any meaningful laws, except by executive action, which he loves doing anyway.

    Then he will blame the uncooperative Democrats for all his failures.

    He will go back to New York City, having increased his wealth four to five times, and live the rest of his life complaining about the lousy Democrats, the crooked media, and just about anything else that pops into his head.

    And when he looks in the mirror, the only thing he will see, is his hair. Not one ounce of self reflection.

    Then one day, not too distant from today, we will get another Trump in politics, who thinks just like Dear Dad does, but this new Trump won't really tell us what's on his/her mind.

    And that might be even scarier.

    And what of our 20 brave Republicans. Well, they all get reelected

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