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    Are You Being Cheated On?

    Is the U.S. Ready for a Woman POTUS

    Yes, we are

    Robert Finch
    Political Writer
    May 25,2017

    A few days ago while channel surfing, I stopped at CSPAN book channel.

    Two middle aged women, who were closer to Hillary's age than to 30, were speaking in a small book store to a standing room only audience of mostly women, ranging in ages from the late twenties to the sixties.

    The gender and age of the audience and speakers is important to this piece, because the topic being discussed was, why did Hillary, a woman, did not get elected President of the United States.

    Ms. Clinton, earlier this year, addressed this issued. She stated four reasons:

    1-Russian influence during the election

    2-James Comey's involvement

    3-Wikileaks theft of emails and release of those emails

    4-and misogyny

    The speakers were both writers for well-known publications, who have been following Ms. Clinton's career.

    The writers and the audience agreed on one thing, that the United States is not ready for a woman to be POTUS.

    I disagree. I am a man.

    One writer argued that because the United States has a powerful military, the electorate wants a strong man to lead it. And the electorate does not trust a woman to control such awesome and terrifying arsenal.

    I guess the electorate does not remember the Falkland Islands and Margaret Thatcher.

    Another argument presented by a member of the audience, that Europe with a slightly longer history of electing women as presidents or head of states, has a secular society, and the United States has a deeply religious society.

    I guess the argument here is that women in the U.S. are viewed as inferior and the view is due to some of the men's religious beliefs.

    If we look at the Roman Catholic Church refusal to allow women to be priest, I can see how the argument could be twisted in that direction.

    But here is the kicker:

    Hillary Clinton won the majority vote.

    This is worth repeating. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

    I am not trying to insult your intelligence. But this means the majority of the voters, by a margin of 2.8 million voters, voted for Ms. Clinton, a woman.

    The United States' electorate voted a woman to be POTUS. The electorate college, the system we have in place to elect our president, prevented her from becoming the next president of the United States.

    I am not here to argue for or against the electorate college, nor to argue for or against the three other reasons Ms. Clinton presented as the reason she was not elected.

    I am here to say that, we are ready to elect a woman as president, simply because the majority of the population in the United States voted for one.

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