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    How to Get Ready for Marathon in 16 Weeks

    Yes, it takes some time. But it is doable

    by Ramon Martinez
    Personal Fitness Writer

    Back when I was in high school, I gave Track and Field a shot. I tried to be a runner.

    The running coach was an kind man, who had a running career in high school and college. And a car accident had ended his running days. He walked a lot every day, ate healthy, and kept his blood pressure in check.

    I went to his office during the middle of my sophomore year, and told him I wanted to be a runner.

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    He asked me if I had ever ran before. I told him only when chased by dogs, which happened to me more times than I like to admit. He laughed, and told me I would start the next day. No try out. Just come ready to run.

    My running career in high school lasted a few days. I simply gave up.

    Fast forward some years later. I wanted to run. So I began running slowly. Four or five times a week. First half a mile, then one, then two. I hit a wall at the three miles marker.

    At my pace I covered that distance in about 35 minutes. I have a slow pace. But I still was hitting a wall.

    The difference was this time I was determined not to give up.

    So this is how I climbed that wall, and four months later I was running a half marathon. The Half Marathon is a little over 13 miles.

    To start, I knew I could run 3 miles. The problem was getting over that barrier. I came up with a simple plan. Once a week, on the same day, on my day off from work, I would break my personal record by 10 percent.

    That is not much. About 1/3 of mile. My pace at the time was 11 minutes to complete one mile. I had to run another 3.5 minutes to reach my 10 percent goal the first week.

    Yes, I had to push myself a little, but at a doable pace. After all, that's what marathon running is all about.

    You push yourself a little at a time, till you cross the finish line.

    Then have a free drink from one of the sponsors. The choice of drink is yours. Myself, I like water.

    If you follow this plan, in 16 weeks you can reach the 10 mile marker.

    To most runners something wonderful happens when we are able to run 10 miles. The distance from 10 to 11 miles seems a lot shorter than from 3 to 4 miles.

    This is when runner's high kicks in.

    See my running t-shirt below, helping me keep that goal in mind.

    running half marathon

    Next Article: The Weekly Training Schedule I followed for 16 Weeks.

    If you found this article useful, please email us to get updates on this series.

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