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  • Zuzpiro's First Cartoon Contest

    Welcome to our Zuzpiro first Political Cartoon Competition.

    In order to promote and encourage the art and craft of political cartoon drawing, we have decided to create this modest event.

    The prizes are small:

    $100.00 to First Place, $50.00 to Second Place, and $25.00 to Third place.

    The contest is open to all amateurs. If you are a professional, and want to support us, please email us. We welcome your support.

    The work must be original and created by the contestant, drawn with any medium: pen, pencil, Crayon, ink, water color, or just about anything you can use to make a mark on paper.

    The political subject is wide open. Expressing any political point of view. Not an attack on race, color, religion, sex or national origin of a particular politician.

    Although, we live in the U.S.A., we do follow world events, so yes, you feel free to submit subject matters that are outside of U.S. politics.

    We do recommend that the subject matter have  ramification on the world political stage. The world gets smaller everyday, so this should not be too hard.

    You are welcome to submit more than one cartoon. And you can submit multiple times, up to a total of 10 cartoons.

    As soon as we get your cartoon, and it meets our simple guide lines, we will make it available for you and all your friends, and family to give it a “Like”.

    Technical specification.  File format: jpeg, png, or anything we can open with Gimp. Size: one side no larger than 600px, at 72ppi.

    Who decides the winner? The voting public and our staff. We make the final decision.

    To participate send us your cartoon